Check the expiration dates on canned food

Every year when spring rolls out, I sit down at my kitchen table and make a long list of everything that needs to be cleaned. Spring cleaning is a stressful activity for many. However, it really does not need to be. With some planning, discipline and time management, you can complete your entire spring cleaning in one or two weekends. If you have time in the day or evenings, spread out the tasks over a few days. Overwhelming yourself with spring cleaning tasks will make you physically and emotionally drained and will make for an ineffective spring cleaning.Make the ListSit down and make your master list. Ever homeowner will have a different list, however there are main areas of a home which need attention during the spring. Have all your cleaning supplies available. If you make your own, double check that you have enough of the ingredients at home. •   

Protect your hands and wear rubber gloves.WindowsThe windows should clevis hanger Manufacturers be cleaned thoroughly inside and out. Use newspapers in place of paper towels or rags for wiping the windows. Newspapers leave a steak free finish and will leave your windows looking their best.  Wash the window panes with some soap and water. Dust the screens and wipe them down. If you have a large home, or home with second and third floors, consider hiring a professional window cleaning.Window TreatmentsFor drapes – remove and wash.For blinds and roller shades – wipe with soap and water.BedsFlip your beds overBed Skirting and Mattress PadsRemove and wash CouchesRemove the cushions from your couches. For leather couches, wipe them down well with a damp cloth. For fabric couches, also wipe with a cloth. It will help to remove surface dirt. Vacuum in and under the couch. Use the appropriate vacuum attachments for hard to reach corners.Kitchen CabinetsCleaning out the kitchen cabinets is a time consuming job, especially if you have many cabinets. Remove everything from the cabinets. Wipe shelves, let dry and put it all back

. Check the expiration dates on canned food, sauces, etc. in your pantry and throw away any expired food.FridgeHave a good sponge and a few rags in hand for this job. Do it right and remove all of the items in the fridge. Wipe the exterior and handles too.Bathroom CabinetsClear out items and wipe with a wet rag. Discard expired medications, toiletries and cosmetics.Shower CurtainWash it!Walls and CeilingsDust the ceilings and walls. Use an extension duster for hard to reach corners. Wipe with a damp rag.Area rugsHave area rugs professionally washed. Alternatively, take them outside and hit the rugs with a broomstick. It will release deep dust. BookcasesRemove all books and dust. Wipe down with a wet rag. Make sure all books are on the proper shelf when outing them back in the bookcase.GarageCleaning your garage can be a tiresome. At the very least, remove as many items as you can. Sweep and wash the garage floor. Spray the walls with a hose to remove dirt.

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